#SpringFreely dirt cups

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a representative from Enjoy Life, who wondered if I would like to take part in a product sampling, and a campaign called #SpringFreely.  Of course I said yes!  I waited in anticipation, and at the end of last week a box was delivered to my door.  In it was a box of brownie mix, two different types of cookies, a small mason jar, mini chocolate chips, a recipe card, and a seed packet for dill.  I added a couple of items of my own – the decorative flowers, the CocoWhip, and some coloured organic coconut.

After waiting for a day when Kate and the kids were available (she’s WAY busier than I am), we finally got together to make our dirt cups.  And although she didn’t make it into any pictures, my Mom was also there, so this was a four generation endeavor!

*It is my opinion that, when assembling edible goods with a toddler and a four year old around, you should also have a dog.  My dog Toby saved me a LOT of floor clean-up work.*  Ha, ha.

I made chocolate pudding that morning, so we would be set to go when they got here.  Our first step was to stir some dry brownie mix and mini chocolate chips into the pudding, to created a textured “dirt”.

Baby girl was just enjoying life in the background, and sneaking cookie pieces.

Next we put our “dirt” in four small mason jars.

Now for some gritty texture.  We put a few of both kinds of cookies (Vanilla Honey Graham and Double Chocolate) into separate Ziploc bags, and used a cup to bash them into pieces.  That was fun!    We finished off the smashing of cookies with our fists.

We layered light crumbs, Cocowhip, dark crumbs, more Cocowhip, and coloured coconut, to simulate grass growing.  Lastly we topped them off with a flower, for springtime!

And finally, just so nothing would go to waste, Jackson consented to clean up the leftovers.  As you can see, just because Enjoy Life products are free of the top eight allergens does NOT mean they lack in flavour.  Children don’t eat what they don’t like!

Oh – and look at that – my Mom DID make it into a picture (see below).  Not that she’ll be happy about it, but we’ll leave it, and maybe she won’t notice.  Ha, ha.

Thank you, Enjoy Life, for including us in this product campaign.  We loved it, and we would be more than happy to help spread the joy of your products and sample in the future!



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