The Finalist.

Hello friends!

I, unintentionally, took quite a hiatus from the blog over the past few months. The fall months are always quite busy with my business, my team was taking off, I was working hard towards a huge promotion, and life just got carried away on me! I am working on my schedule and re-organizing after the holidays and hope to maintain my blog posts alongside my ever-so-faithful blogging companion.

Last week, I was actually in Jamaica with some Steeped Tea companions, so my blogging was delayed yet again! It was the second trip that I have earned through my business, and it was just amazing to get away, relax, read and SLEEP for a few days!

While I was in Jamaica, I received notice that I was selected as a finalist for the 2016 Mompreneur Award of Merit. I am completely floored by the announcement and just so thrilled to be a part of the process. I have been meeting and connecting with more entrepreneurs and businesswoman, and have even received some local press.
I cannot believe where this business is taking me! Costa Rica…Jamaica…becoming an Executive Director…a finalist for a Mompreneur award… This is all so far beyond what I imagined when I became an entrepreneur! I joined Steeped Tea with the mindset of making a little extra for our family every month, and it has become an incredible full-time job over these past three and a half years.

Incentive trips are an incredible opportunity when working as an independent consultant for Steeped Tea. Being able to spend a week with our founders, top leaders and so many ‘tea friends,’ is invigorating and, well, just so much fun!
Underwater cameras are a must, and I took full advantage of the opportunity to swim, play and drink (iced) tea. Drinking Matcha underwater is even better than on land!
One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is bringing others alongside you! It was an absolute pleasure to have two of my team members in Jamaica with me. ❤ I am looking forward to our trip to Maui next January and having an even bigger crew with us.

Enough reminiscing about beautiful Jamaica… I have an incredibly detailed essay that I am off to work on for the Mompreneur award. I am actually really looking forward to writing it as a way to reflect on my business, look forward to things ahead, and praise God for everything He has done in our lives since I became an entrepreneur on September 17th, 2012.

Are you an entrepreneur? I would love to hear from you! Send me an email or look me up online.


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