Hot Chocolate Mix

I am an ardent hater of shoes and socks.  From as early in Spring as possible, until as late in Fall as possible I eschew socks and shoes as much as possible.  Obviously society demands that I wear shoes sometimes, but not socks – not if I don’t have to!  In winter, while others are wearing slippers AND socks inside the house, I have bare feet.  Socks are a last resort on a very cold day.

Given that, you can imagine that it came as a huge surprise to me when, the other night, I was sitting in the living room and my feet were cold.  I mean, come on!  It’s only September.  (I think my feet were just in shock from a sudden swing in temperature.  They are fine now. Ha, ha.)  However, cold feet put me in mind of the weather to come, and the blizzards that will rage outside my window.  Thinking of snow put me in my of hot chocolate, and how sad it is that I can’t have it.  But wait!  Or could I…..?

After a couple of tries I came up with this simple blend that was quite good.  I wanted to do something that I could make up in “bulk” – I could be like all the people without eating issues who just pull a can out of their cupboard and spoon some out.

The picture you will see of the hot chocolate is not really for the hot chocolate, because we all know what that looks like.  It will be featuring some beautiful new mugs I just got for my birthday (which was on Tuesday – let me know if you need to know where to send my gift – ha, ha).  I love them!

Three ingredients.  Too simple to pass up:

3/4 sugar (I used organic)

1/2 cup cocoa powder (read label to check for allergens)

1/2 cup chopped chocolate

(I used Camino – allergen free.  You can either do unsweetened or sweetened, depending on your sweetness preference level)

That’s it!  Stir around with a fork until combined.

To make hot chocolate:

Put one cup of non dairy milk in a mug. Microwave for one minute.  Take out, and add two tbsp. of the hot chocolate mixture.  Stir it around.  Put it back in the microwave for another 45-60 seconds, depending on the strength of your microwave, and on how hot you like your beverages.


*Optionally – top with a plop of Marshmellow Fluff.  Yum.  If you have some on hand, grate a little Candy Cane Topper on top.  If you don’t have any on hand, you can get it here:

Enjoy!  And may the weather that makes us all want hot chocolate be months and months away.


  • Late breaking news flash!  Hubby likes the one with unsweetened chopped chocolate better, in a blind taste test.

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