The Onion Ring Experiment

I am really not trying to usurp my mom’s glory by posting about 12 hours before her…I promise mom! 🙂 I managed to have a little ‘me time’ today – my hubby was downstairs, my three (almost four) year-old was playing Lego in his room, and my (almost) one year-old was napping. Bliss.

I had some time, a couple of onions leftover from my Crockpot meals, and an itch to try something new!
(Ps. I was not feeling entirely all that ‘healthy’ today… 🙂 )

I knew that onion rings had to be an extremely easy thing to make, but it was just one of those things that I had never tried! I found an easy recipe, mixed it up a bit and voila – Steeped Tea inspired Onion Rings using our Garlic Chili cheeseball spice!

Step 1 – (In a perfect world) Heat the oil in a deep-fryer to 365 degrees F
(In my world) Heat olive oil in a frying pan on the stove on medium heat

Step 2 – Take 2 Medium (what I had) or 1 Large Onion. Cut both ends off and remove skin. Cut the whole onion into about 1/4 inch strips. Then, take each strip and separate out the rings.

Step 3 – Mix together 1 1/2 cups flour, 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1 1/2 tsp salt. Add 2 tsp Garlic Chili cheeseball mix for some kick!

Step 4 – Coat your rings in the flour mixture and then set aside.
Step 5 – Add 2 eggs and 1 1/2 cups milk to the remaining flour mixture.
Step 6 – Coat the rings in the mixture, making sure they are evenly coated on all sides. Place rings on a wire rack to let the excess drip off. (Place tinfoil under the wire rack for easier clean-up)
Step 7 – (In that perfect world) Deep fry the rings for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown.
(In my world) Experiment with time and temperature and let cook until golden brown. 🙂 At first, my oil was too hot, so they cooked too quick and the onion wasn’t perfectly cooked inside. Then, of course, I let the oil lower in temperature too much, so they had to sit for a little too long in the pan. Finally, I got everything working beautifully!
Step 8 – Remove to a paper towel to drain. Season with a touch of Hawaiian Chipolte or SalTea topper and serve.



Totally easy, totally delicious……..just maybe don’t eat them everyday!


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