The Summer Cold

It’s the dog days of summer.  In Southern Ontario, this year, that means it is hot – like, REALLY hot – and so humid.  Oh, so humid.  My naturally curly hair looks, most days, like a squirrel’s nest.  The only hairdo I can handle is a pony tail.  This year the dog days of summer brought with them seasonal allergies and a fantastically horrific head cold.  Combining those two things meant I had no energy, aching bones, and a head which didn’t efficiently take in much oxygen most of the time.  The energy I could muster up was used to float on a blow-up ring in my mother’s pool.

When the cold was at its highest point, and my energy at its lowest, I had previously committed to going down to Burlington for a dozen cupcakes to be eaten at a family birthday party.  So hubby and I loaded ourselves into the car and as we approached Burlington, he saw a sign for “Canada’s Biggest Ribfest“.  Fellow multi-allergy sufferers – you all know there wasn’t going to be anything there for me to eat, right?  As we got closer he said, “Oh – can you smell that???”  No, actually, I could not.  That was the extent of this cold.  However, being a good wife, I told him that of course we should walk down to the Ribfest, and of course he should get a rib dinner, and please tell me how good it tastes.  Here I am, wishing I could have some too:


The cost to my husband was buying me a Raspberry Square at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe.  He happily obliged.



Anyway, all that to say – I did not do a new recipe this week.  I did, however try some things I’ve done before, and will pass those on to you.  First off – a friend sent me a link for Elderberry Syrup, which is supposed to boost your immune system.  Clearly I started taking it too late.  However, I made it, and it’s in the fridge.  I’m taking some every day, so hopefully it will help for the future.  You can find the recipe by Wellness Mama here:


I also tried a Chocolate Cherry loaf from The Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread, by Betty Hagman.  The only substitution I had to make was chia eggs for the two eggs she calls for, and it was quite good.  Moist, held together well, and tasted good.  She says to use 3/4 cup to one cup of chocolate chips – when in doubt, go for more chocolate, I say!  🙂  Here is the link for her book:

(or you could see if your local library has it!)

The last thing I did was homemade pizza, using a recipe from Donna Washburn’s book, seen here


Most of her recipes are really good.  I have three of her books, and haven’t been disappointed yet.


So there you go.  That is probably more information about me and my cold that you ever hoped to read, but I hope some valuable information for you to use as well.  On a positive note, our heat wave is scheduled to break in a couple of days, and my cold is on its way out!



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