The Homemade Latte

This post is long overdue. I feel like every time I post, I could say the same thing. Time has been getting away from me these days. I absolutely adore summer. My kids adore summer. We swim, we go to the park, we swim some more. I feel like so many of my afternoons are spent trying to enjoy summer before it leaves us.

I wish I could tell you that my delay in posting, the general disorder of my house, and lack of crossing items off my to-do list were the pool’s fault. I can’t quite put my finger on it (yet!), but I feel like I’m constantly running out of time and simultaneously wasting too much time on silly things. Just keeping it real on the blog today!

The one thing that will always brighten my day is a homemade Steeped Tea latte. They are simple, delicious and cost-effective…and the best part is that you don’t need to leave the house or spend $5 at Starbucks.

They can be enjoyed hot or cold and personalized in probably a million different ways. My hubby and I have really loved experimenting with our lattes and it’s the perfect treat for a night in or that pick-me-up in the morning!

My mom and I made a quick video on making your own lattes at home for you all – enjoy!

Now, with my mom’s allergies, we wanted to take this a step further and look into some non-dairy options for your lattes. We wanted to try a few different options and explore the taste, texture and the froth it produced, as that is an essential part of a latte.

First up –IMG_8037 Flax Delight

These were all my mom’s choices, as she was the one who needed to find a topper for her latte. Any of the traditional replacements – almond or soy milk primarily – wouldn’t work for her with her allergies.
We knew right away that this one probably wouldn’t do the job – the fat content isn’t very high in a flax beverage. We thought it was worth a try though, just in case!

IMG_8038As you can see, no bubbles, hardly any froth on this one. The taste was fine, but it didn’t thicken at all, so probably not your best choice for a latte.

IMG_8039Next up –  Hemp Bliss

I had never come across this beverage before. I was impressed by the sweet taste, but again, the fat content is pretty low in this beverage, so we weren’t sure about how it would hold up to a frother.

If you take a look at the links, you can see the nutritional information for the beverages we tried. The fat content was slightly higher in this beverage, likely why it did a little better in our trial!

The picture doesn’t really give the full idea on this one. There were some bubbles, it thickened a bit, had a sweet taste, but it wasn’t the thickness you would expect with a normal latte. However, we did find through our trials that you aren’t going to find the fullness of froth in some of these ‘alternative’ beverages to milk.

For many lattes, this beverage would do well as a topper, and make sure to add some Vanilla sugar or Apple Cinnamon topper to your latte as well!

Last IMG_8042one – Coconut Dream

We had high hopes for this one because, well, coconuts are delicious!
This beverage did not disappoint! It frothed and bubbled, tasted great (of course!), and was a great option for your lattes.
The only downside is that not all lattes , like a London Fog,  will suit itself to having a coconut flavour added. It’s all in personal preference, though! Now that I am thinking about it, coconut mixed with a London Fog might actually be a great drink…




















With that trial over with and adequate winners chosen, we thought we were done. My mother, the researcher, kept looking around and found one more she wanted to try, so we broke out the frother at the swimming pool later that day for one last test.


Bonus – So Delicious French Vanilla Creamer

This one just sounded too fabulous, it had to be a winner!

And oh boy…it was! It bubbled and frothed and tasted fantastic!

If  your latte could be complimented by this flavour, DO IT! It is a great option if you are avoiding dairy, soy or nuts.

20150729_170816This beverage was even child-approved!


So, there you have it. Make your own lattes, at home, and do it all while avoiding your allergens!


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