The Memories

We have a big weekend ahead – our first family camping trip!

As you may have gathered in previous posts, we have two young kids – a three and a half year old boy and an (almost) ten month old little girl. Myself and my husband haven’t been camping as adults, only as kids, but we figured, hey, what can go wrong? 🙂

My husband did a lot of camping as a child, and some ‘camping’ when he was in the military. Now that camping was less, “Let’s swim on the beach,” and more like, “Why don’t you exercise all day and then lay down in the snow.” My husband could tell you a great story about being discovered under a layer of ice!

For myself, my family never did camp when I was growing up. My mom….well, she doesn’t like just about anything to do with camping, and we always had my Grandma & Grandpa’s pool for summertime. Thankfully, my kids enjoy swimming just as much as I do!  11262280_10152877647421020_5256564316383404340_n
However, I did go camping two times with a best friend and her family, and these are the only camping memories that I have.

Camping Memory #1 – I am about 10. I have to pee in the middle of the night. I agonize for a long time about whether to wake up anyone or not. I was pretty shy as a child, and truth be told, never really liked sleepovers. Being introverted, I never felt comfortable enough away from home if I needed help with something.

I played out a number of scenarios as to who I should wake up, who wouldn’t be too upset, etc., and finally I just decided to go by myself. I wander down to the bathroom, but on the way back, I forget which lane to turn down to get to our site.

I wander around in the dark for what seemed like FOREVER (probably only about 15 minutes…), and finally make it back and crawl into bed without anyone even noticing.

And no, I didn’t tell my mother about this for a number of years, or else she wouldn’t have let me go camping again!

Camping Memory #2 – Same camp site, same friend and her family, different year. We always went with a group of families from our church. This was fun for eating/cooking together and, of course, going down to the beach.

One night, it was especially rainy and it turned into quite the storm. We had tarps up over our food area to keep the rain off our supper, but somehow we still ended up eating some dirt with our food.

After supper, it was stormy, cold and wet. I was camped out with my friend, her sisters and her mom in their classic old blue cube van.

(No easy transition to include this, so I will just say it: My friend’s mom was a nurse.)

We were busy laughing, telling stories and being dry and happy. All of a sudden, when of the men from our group, Joe (a partially bald man with hair just around the back) came up to the driver’s window where my friend’s mom was sitting.

Joe…had an AXE in his head. A real axe, with real blood, sticking straight out of his head!!

Yep. Those are my two camping memories.

Good to know it will only get better from here! Off for a great weekend with my hubby and our kids, and thankfully a group of our friends, too!

We have been ‘practicing’ with the tent in our backyard this week. We even did some play time in the tent during a rainstorm. Let’s hope we are ready! 🙂

I have a bag full of tea packed, so at least I am set!


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