Kelly’s Bake Shoppe!

A few days ago Kelly’s Bake Shoppe put out a Facebook post, asking any interested bloggers to contact them, and there was potential to be chosen as a blog to review the bake shop.  I sent our information, never dreaming they would pick us.  But….they did! Read about our the announcement here. With much glee and excitement, and full tummies, we now review…..Kelly’s Bake Shoppe!


SandySandy – As I  gradually lost all fun food from my diet (as a reminder – dairy, gluten, soy, nuts and eggs), I also lost hope  that I’d be able to go out and eat, anywhere.  I was able to rearrange recipes to make myself at home, but there’s something about going out and just buying something once in a while that is fun.  I started to research and Google things, and lo and behold, up popped Kelly’s Bake Shoppe.  It’s only about 40 minutes down the road from us, so that part was great.  WellKatie, great or bad, depending on whether you have any self control or not.  Ha, ha.  From the pictures it looked like a cute, pretty place, so I talked the hubby into driving down. From that day on it’s been a place we use as a date/road trip.  Combining a trip to the bake shop with a walk on the beautiful Burlington Pier makes a lovely afternoon.
Katie – I am writing this blog from the stand point of someone who can eat….well, pretty much anything! I have no food allergies or restrictions, unlike my mom. I am just a person who eats at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe by choice because it’s delicious!

Sandy – Kelly’s Bake Shoppe was founded by Kelly and Erinn, a dynamic mother/daughter team.  The staff they have hired are equally dynamic and friendly.  Even when the bake shoppe is busy, as it generally is, you don’t go long upon entering without a friendly “Hello!”. IMG_7824
Katie – Being an entrepreneur, I really appreciate the style & atmosphere of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe. Kelly & Erinn are certainly to be admired – they have taken their store to the ‘big times’ by pursuing opporIMG_7823tunities, partnering with businesses in their hometown and really getting the word out about their amazing bakery! They have a strong social media presence and you can always find great pictures, new products, and even promotions through their Facebook page (make sure to like it!).

And then…finally the day came when we went down for our treats!  As usual we were greeted with a warm welcome, and they were all ready for us.  We were handed a box containing two cupcakes of our choice, their famous mile high brownie, and one of each of their four cookies – a snickerdoodle, a chocolate chip, a World Peace, and a Skinny cookie.

Sandy –
The first item to be sampled enthusiastically was the mile high brownie.  We cut it in half, and mostly kept our forks out of each other’s portions.  The mile high brownie is moist, chewyIMG_7856, and delicious.  It is a very rich treat, but as with all of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe goods, doesn’t feel heavy as you eat it.
Katie –  If you are a regular at Kelly’s, you WILL have eaten a Mile High brownie. This is a classic Kelly’s item and you do NOT want to miss out! The best part about it is that it’s not *just* chocolate. There is a sweet caramel sauce, and theIMG_7857n chocolate in different forms – the brownie, the ganache and frosting is paired well with caramel and their delicious whipped cream. It is so good, you will want to lick your plate…


IMG_7845Sandy – Next up for me was the Skinny Cookie.  I’ve never tried the Skinny Cookie before, and it was delicious!  It tastes of banana, of course, because it is sweetened with banana.  It is full of seeds and fruit, and is delightfully moist and sweet.  Also, it was so good that I ate it too fast and now it’s gone.
Katie – This was a new one for me, too….but I would eat this cookie every day if I could! It tasted like a delicious banana chocolate chip loaf, sweetened with coconut. It was chewy, thick, filling and sweet! Like my mom said earlier though, at Kelly’s (with every thing I have tried there!) you get the sweetness of the cupcake or cookie, but not that heavy feeling in your gut.

IMG_7847Sandy – Soon after that was the World Peace Cookie, which was equally yummy, just in a different way.  More like a traditional oatmeal cookie with fruit and nuts.
Katie – For me, I definitely preferred the Skinny Cookie, but the World Peace had some great sweet notes…almost like a breakfast cookie! 🙂 It was very filling with the seeds and oats, but then had sweetness from the berries & raisins. I could see myself with a cuppa Earl Grey de la Creme and this cookie over breakfast or an afternoon snack. It’s a less traditional cookie (aka. not pumped full of sugar), but a perfect snack.

IMG_7849Sandy – The Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip cookies are ones I have had before.  They taste just as you expect they would – the snickerdoodle is soft inside with a crisper exterior and lovely cinnamon/sugar topping, and the chocolate chip cookie is like a…..chocolate chip cookie.  🙂
Katie – The thing that I love most about these cookies is that they are BIG. 🙂 I agree with what my mom said – they both have a fabulous crispy exterior, but always a really soft & chewy inside. They are…perIMG_7843fection. For myself, snickerdoodles are definitely a favourite, and these do not disappoint. It doesn’t have that ‘puffy’ middle that a typical (smaller) snickerdoodle might, but it hits all the right notes with the cinnamon and sugar. For myself, it’s the perfect balance of crispy outside and chewy inside – I would get this cookie every time!

IMG_7840Sandy – I saved my most chocolate-y treat until the end – in fact I saved it until the next day.  When you purchase from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, you will notice a sticker on your pretty pink box that tells you to either consume your goodies that day, or freeze them.  Refrigerating them dries them out.  I froze my cupcake, and ate it today.  Truthfully, I love to eat the cupcake only partially thawed – they are just really yummy that way.  At any rate, my Triple Chocolate Cupcake fulfilled all my chocolate needs today.  It was a lovely cupcake, and chocolate in every way possible – from the cake, to the whipped icing, to the drizzle of chocolate artfully placed on top.
Katie – Cupcakes are an integral part of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, so it was hard to choose just one to sample! Thankfully, I have been there many other times to sample others. 🙂 When you walk into Kelly’s, you see their gorgeous cupcake display right away, They always have tons of variety, and IMG_7839they change their special cupcakes frequently, too. You will want to watch their Facebook & website to make sure you are up on the latest and greatest cupcake creations!
I digress. For my cupcake, I made sure to choose one I had never had before (tough as that was!)…and I chose the Mexican Chocolate Cupcake!  As expected, this cupcake had a beautiful spicy note to it, but all the cupcakes component play together so well that you are left with just an after-taste of spice. It is filled with chocolate and whipped cream – smooth and sweet, not too heavy. This cupcake was eaten….way too fast. I loved the “all in one” bite – getting some of the cupcake spice, chocolate and whipped altogether.

Sandy – Things we didn’t eat today but deserve a mention are:  the Black and White, Mostess,  and Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes (can you tell I love chocolate?), any of the cookies made into a sandwich cookie, and the raspberry squares (I always ask for a corner one… good).  Perhaps someday I will be able to say I’ve eaten their whole menu, but all the ones I mentioned there get my seal of approval!
Katie – The Dulce de Leche and Black Magic definitely need to be on your list! Frankly, I have loved everything I have eaten there. I don’t avoid the allergens because of any restrictions that I have, but their stuff is amazing and honestly, just doesn’t sit so heavy in your gut after eating. I would highly recommend talking a stroll on the Burlington pier this summer with some Kelly’s Bake Shoppe goodies in hand!

This was definitely the most delicious review we have ever done! (Okay, our first review…) Our goodies are gone, we are sad, and we can’t wait to go back to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe again soon!

5 thoughts on “Kelly’s Bake Shoppe!

  1. I’ve seen you guys post about this place before and I really need to make a point of going this summer! Everything looks fantastic and it would be such a huge thing for my boys (gluten & dairy free) to be able to eat a treat out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    (Sidenote: that last picture…your little man’s face…so great. I literally laughed out loud)

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