The Indoor Garden

We would love to have a garden in our yard. We have thought about it (too late) each of the three summers we have lived in this house so far. The first summer, we had a great excuse – the yard was a DISASTER. It was beautiful…for the most part. It was overgrown, and we were dealing with our first summer woes – transitioning the house from their style to our style. The yard was PACKED with flowers, trees, bushes, and there was a huge pond, too. The pond was beautiful, if we weren’t a family with small kids. The pond took up a 10 x 20 space in our yard. Yeah, it was huge! We desperately wanted that space for playing and it just wasn’t in a great spot to try and keep kids out of it. So, we dec163554_10151355610381020_2080688329_nided to take the pond out, fill it in, and do our best not to screw up the yard! That is when…my husband hurt his back. It was not a pond-related injury, though I almost joined him in the back injury club after having to do it all myself (THANK GOODNESS for the help of family!). That was a summer of hauling rocks, scooping out water by hand, shoveling small stones (they were everywhere!405740_10151373346036020_1341355104_n!), filling in the space, hauling around sod….yeah, that was a tiring summer. We ended up with a much better yard at the end of it, but no time to think about anything else.

Here is the after shot – you can see all the sod that I had just put down. Unfortunately, our yard has an incredible ability to grow weeds, so each summer is an on-going battle to keep it looking decent, and the grass in the sodded area definitely needs some help to become full again.

Our second summer, we were running a contest at our house… Who is the most capable to do ________ ? Our options were: Husband with an on-going back injury, Wife who was 6-9 months pregnant during the summer months, or the 2.5-almost 3 year old? This was a summer of totally neglecting our yard, asking family for help, paying teens to help us with mowing the lawn, and definitely NOT thinking about planting a garden.

That brings us to the present day, our third summer. We have no real excuses. We just…didn’t do it. Our yard, honestly, still needs a lot of work and a lot of help to get rid of weeds and stop the crazy amount of bushes and trees in our yard from being overgrown. Just today, I spent about two hours outside – mowing the lawn, cutting down our vines, trees, bushes, weeding, etc. After all of that, the yard *almost* looks like it should…and we will do it all again over and over again all summer.

We love our crazy yard. It is great for adventures for little kids. We have a little tree house now with a slide. We have two old, metal sheds that are super dirty but handy nonetheless. It is not at all your perfect yard with perfect looking grass. And that is totally fine with us. So, for now, we do what we can with our yard and hopefully one day, we will have a little vegetable garden.

We don’t have a garden, but we have discovered the best trick and the easiest way to have an indoor garden… Okay, just one very specific vegetable…the green onion! I did this just out of curiosity one day, and it worked. If you have never tried this, you must! 20150621_082256

Step 1: Eat your green onion right down to the bottom of the stalk.
Step 2: Put the stalks in a cup of water, near some sunlight.
Step 3: Watch it grow!



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