The Announcement

All of you who have been reading our blog knew this day would come at some point….we are famous! Give yourself a pat on the back for your loyal reading of our blog and you can officially use the line, “We knew them when…”

Okay, so we aren’t *really* famous. I tricked you. But in our minds, we are famous….or at least equivalent in some regard. An extremely delicious little spot in Burlington, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, asked for people who would be willing to review some of their food on a blog, and of course, being lovers of food, my mom submitted our name (THANK YOU, MOM!).

We got the email today, and we are SO excited to go down to Kelly’s, get some incredible food and share it with you all on the blog…coming soon! We are honoured to have been chosen! We love their food so much…it’s unreal. Both my Dad and myself have driven to Burlington on occasions to surprise my mom with cupcakes from Kelly’s, or made special trips out to Burlington to eat cupcakes and walk the pier. Sounds like a pretty good afternoon to me! They do incredible, allergen-free baking, and it’s a place where my mom can walk in and eat almost everything……and trust me, she tries! 😉 Jokes jokes…she tries to space out her visits at least! For myself, I am not avoiding any of the foods my mom does, but I still think their food is incredible and honestly, you wouldn’t know the difference! Okay okay, I am getting ahead of myself, more later on the actual review blog.

So, keep your eyes peeled for a fabulous blog with mouth-watering pictures and the most scrumptious descriptions we can write up. Don’t worry, we’ll be honest…it won’t be hard to write beautiful things about their food! For now, here are the top 10 reasons why Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and Katie & Sandy are meant to be together.
1. They are mother and daughter. We are mother and daughter.
2. They are blonde and brown. We are brown and blonde.
3. They are beautiful people. We are beautiful people.
kelly's bake Funny mom & me 4. We all clearly like to laugh.
5. They are wizards in the kitchen. My mom is a wizard in the kitchen. (I like to be in the kitchen.)
6. They own a bakery. I love the smell of a bakery.
7. Their store is in Burlington. My mom likes to walk the Pier in Burlington.
8. They are famous. We like to pretend that we are famous.
9. They won a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. I was in the Circle of Excellence for Steeped Tea.
10. They make the world’s best cupcakes. We LOVE to eat the world’s best cupcakes!!

Thank you again, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, for this awesome opportunity! We are SO looking forward to doing our review!

Make sure to follow Kelly’s on Facebook, and watch this video for a better look into what they do…


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