The Return

IMG_7709I’m baaaack! Did you miss me?

Okay, so I took a (far too long) break from the blog as my life and business hit a busy season after the last little while. There is a lot happening personally and with my business, but I am aiming to get back into a consistent routine of blogging! My mom has faithfully been keeping up her side of the blog…I just need to reciprocate! My girlfriend did an inspiring post about her goals for June, and I was reminded how I am quick to make goals and plans for my business, but I often forget to apply this to my personal life.

As I continue to refleIMG_7671ct on this, I had a good opportunity for that as we just had our National Steeped Tea Conference this past weekend. As a leader in the company, I had incredible opportunitieIMG_7682s to learn from renowned speakers, enjoyed a harbourfront dinner cruise in Toronto, a sparkling gala full of awards and announcements, and an incredible time with some of the ladies on my team!

IMG_7734I was reflecting with my team tonight about some of the training we received. It is a huge blessing to own your own business, yet be a part of a larger team of people that are there to inspire, encourage and cheer you on! I love our business for that – there isn’t a competitive spirit with everyone trying to push each other out of the way, but rather to lift each other up.

I will share with you a brief clip from one of our training sessions. As we spoke about leadership, the conversation moved towards telling stories and how to communicate in an engaging way. I LOVE stories. I love listening to stories, telling (and re-telling) stories, and I always have. My mom has said of me before that if you ask me to recap for you what happened at an event or in a show, you had better be prepared to get an account almost as long as the actual event…. I would like to say that that was only true of a younger version of myself, but we all know it’s not!

Tim Magwood, one of our main speakers, was very dynamic and engaging in the way he presented. I walked away with a lot of great tools to use in my personal life and business, and I know that my colleagues did as well. I tried to review just a portion of the training we received over the weekend with my team tonight, and it took an hour and a half just to share brief points from his presentation. He gave us a LOT to think about. I would encourage you to take a look at the website for ‘The Mark of a Leader’ and seek out some training for yourself. Who knows, maybe his talk will even inspire me shorten up my blog posts?!

I would invite you to watch this clip and think for yourself how the way you communicate might need to change in your personal and business life. For myself, I have been seeking out colleagues with different strengths than I have to push me in the way I think about my business and how I lead my team.



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