Rhubarb Punch

Every Spring, I, along with a friend of mine, host a piano and vocal recital to celebrate the final lessons before a much deserved Summer break. During the recital each student has an opportunity to perform and display the new skills they have acquired before a crowd of adoring parents and grandparents.  Applause is guaranteed!  After each student has performed, my friend and I do a number together (she sings and I play), and then we head down for a party with refreshments.  Kate usually comes and serves Steeped Tea for me as well.  People are always excited to try whatever flavours she has brewed up.

Coincidentally, every Spring I have a nice little crop of rhubarb that pops up.  I like growing rhubarb because it doesn’t require anything from me.  I just happen to remember to look one day, and there it is, ready to pick.  No weeding, no fertilizing, no watering – it’s an independent little plant.  That suits me fine.  Needy plants don’t last long at my place.  So for each Spring recital, I make up a batch of Rhubarb Punch.  It is a lovely pink colour, and a really great blend of tangy and sweet.  You can make the base beforehand and freeze it, and just thaw when you need it, and add ginger ale.  Yum!  It’s always a crowd pleaser.


Rhubarb Punch

16 cups rhubarb

3 qts. water

3 cups sugar

3/4 cup lemon juice

16 oz frozen orange juice concentrate

ginger ale


Boil rhubarb in water.  Stir until tender, then drain – reserving juice.

It will look like this:


And when it is drained, it will be beautiful and pink, like this:



Add sugar, lemon juice and orange juice.  Freeze in containers until needed.  When you want to use it, thaw the desired portion and add ginger ale to taste. If you are making a bowl of punch, as I am, just freeze it all in one container, because the amount of base you have, plus ginger ale, will pretty much a full punch bowl.   Delicious.


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