The Kolbe.

Here I am. The Deliquent Daughter. Posting at 10 p.m. (oops, baby needed to eat…) 11 p.m.  on a Tuesday because I will feel so much better if I at least post during “Tuesday” then *gasp* Wednesday morning. What can I say? I love rules and order. And when I say I am going to post every Tuesday, then I WILL post every Tuesday! (Just not last Tuesday…….let’s forget about that, shall we?)

I promise, I’ve been busy…and not just running around doing whatever busy, but a productive learning kind of busy! I had an amazing opportunity to attend a weekend Leaders’ Retreat with Steeped Tea. Just 70 of us, the founders of the company, and a few other beautiful people along the way. We were able to spend a day at the Head Office, learning about all of their practices, learning more about the tea and their attention to detail. It was incredible. I simply love that my company has committed to the freshest tea of the highest quality, and you can tell when you taste it. They are aiming to keep tea on their shelves for a maximum of a few weeks…not in a grocery store over a few months (or longer, who knows!). We had an incredible dinner at Peller Estates, and even though I don’t drink wine (though my colleagues said it was incredible!), it was a fabulous e11158084_10155430594505524_1460392347_nxperience being on their property for a tour and the dinner…just amazing. I know that a “Pot de Creme” does not sound all that fabulous, but when it is prepared by an amazing chef, with a salted caramel topping, black pepper whipped cream (who knew THAT was a thing!) and shortbread cookies on the side……you LICK THAT BOWL CLEAN!

To top off this weekend, we had the most interesting day of training from some really top leaders in their field. Karen Hanna, Rob Luke and Jessalyn Hanna presented for us and they helped us through our Kolbe Corp assessment. At first glance, it is just like other personality quizzes you may have done before, but the very intriguing thing about the Kolbe Assessment is that it describes your instinctive personality. Straight from their website, here is how it is described,

They don’t measure how smart you are (thinking) or what your personality is like (feeling). Rather, Kolbe Indexes measure how you naturally DO things.

How interesting is that?!

20150419_160429My assessment was extremely accurate, and all my colleagues that I talked to found theirs to be as well. Our group was pretty unique in that we are all self-employed leading teams, but this would be an incredible assessment to go through as a physical workplace to find out how you can work together better. They actually printed reports and we could sit down with one person that was paired with us and see how we could best work together based on our different strengths and challenges. Now, that is a report that I want done for me and my hubby!! 🙂 The four action modes they use are: Fact Finder (red), Follow Thru (blue), Quick Start (green) and Implementor (yellow).

I am usually pretty self-aware, so some of this was to be expected, but it was really amazing how accurate it was, and the unique perspective it gave me on how to work with others. It said things like,

“Your best way of dealing with risks/uncertainty is by stabilizing. For instance, you might… decide what will/can stay the same, reduce unexpected events… etc”

I took one look at that one and just laughed. There were so many things at my wedding that I really wanted to do…but just couldn’t. Too many variables, I told myself! 🙂 The report also said specifically, “Katie, you’ve probably been asked your whole life: Can’t  you ever just wing it?” OH….I wish I could. I SO wish I could. I dream of taking those vacations where you just get in a car with some supplies (okay, I know, breaking “winging it” rules already) and just drive. I wish I could….I just can’t. I think the closest I come to “winging it” is presenting a speech that I didn’t write out (though I did practice it for an hour in the car on the way there).

There is MUCH that could be said about my Kolbe report, and you will likely hear more about how I am applying it to work and life, but for now, I am just pleased that I finished this blog post, and I am going to live in my strengths by taking time to process the report, do some research and organize my thoughts. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Kolbe.

  1. I took a Kolbe course years ago and was a certified interpreter. I love Kolbe as it totally clarified for me how I operated instinctualy and let me build on that. I lead with Quick Start and Fact Finder isn’t far behind.


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