The Plan.

I have been slacking off and neglecting the blogger world. Okay, so I only missed one week, but to a perfectionist mind, I have totally blown it. 🙂 It’s tax time, and for us self-employed people, it can be a hectic, stressful time full of paperwork, and I got totally swamped in it.

However, missing the one week reminded me that my life had become a bit disorganized. Our daughter is six months old now, and I think our family is just starting to get into the groove of a new schedule, a new pattern, a new normal. I am a women who does not love change. I am a woman who has been dealing with a lot of change over the past 7 years. I am better for it…stressful as it might have been. Currently, we have four of us abiding at home – an infant, a toddler, and two adults. And while there are many perks to having your husband at home, I never dreamed a number of years ago that we would be operating under a “both of us working from home” scenario, alongside two children. I never dreamed years ago that I wouldn’t take more than a few days off work after having my second child. All the love that I have for my job….I never dreamed that this would be the life I am leading.

I have learned in my 11 years as an adult that we can set goals, set out action steps to lead us towards those goals…but plans? Those delightful 5-year or 10-year plans…throw them in the garbage. As a slightly OCD, type-A planner, I say, “Throw them out!”

So…what is the difference between intense 5-year plans and throwing away plans completely and just ‘going with the flow…’PicMonkey Collage

I am learning so much about goals, plannings, adapting and life through my self-employment. Working from home while your husband is abiding at home through a back injury and while you have two little kids running around….is not the easiest thing I have ever attempted in my life. Oh yes, and my husband and I are both introverts. There are a lot of questions like – Who gets quiet time today? What in the world does our day look like today? Is anyone going anywhere?

I am so thankful for all the training I get with Steeped Tea to help navigate through the journey of self-employment. I have learned to ditch the 5-year plan and working on a week-to-week schedule. I have to schedule when I do errands, when I make phone calls, and when I eat. I schedule because I have learned over and over how true this phrase is – “Random actions equal random results.”

Do you know how I know that’s true? Because I try to be carefree and then realize it’s been a few days since the kids had a bath. I try to be carefree and then realize that my “I just had a baby” excuse is 6 months old and I need to get active again (Ps. I totally joined a gym this week.). I try to be carefree and then realize that my business is suffering because I am relying on my memory instead of note-taking to follow up with my customers.

The good news? The worry of a 10-year plan is gone! No need to stress about what life will be like in 10 years, because I am too busy enjoying this day, planning a little for the days to come, and dreaming about 10 years down the road instead of trying to know exactly what it will look like. I should mention that most days, one minute I am enjoying this day and the next minute I am worrying about the 10-year plan. There is never a perfect day…but it’s worth it to try!

Because ohhh what 10 years can do…. 🙂
Single College Student…





…Family of four! Claire (72)




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