The Tired Days.

Some days are just tiring. I write as a mom, but these tiring moments are not limited to moms. I know many of my friends who kill it all day at work and then have evening commitments most nights. Life. It’s overwhelming sometimes, isn’t it? I rocked the mom life all day, did a few hours of “work from home work” tonight, and trying now to decompress before bed…so I am going to keep my post short tonight. A life hack for moms, some wise words and encouragement.

Life hack: DIY wipes for your baby (or general house use). The easiest DIY ever and so helpful for all moms. I learned this technique from a mom friend. I love being able to make wipes whenever I need and know what’s in them!
-Get a large bowl
-Put a stack of Bounty napkins (or Bounty paper towels, ripped into individual sheets) about 8 inches high in the bowl. Make sure they are plain – no prints – and don’t skimp. Find good napkins on sales, you don’t want the napkins to be cheap and rip.
-Boil water
-Get 1-2 tbsps of each in a 4-cup measuring cup – Baby Lotion, Baby Oil and Baby Shampoo
-When the water is boiled, add about 3 cups to the lotion mixture, stir very well
-Pour immediately over the napkins on the top and sides
-Place something heavy on top to make sure the liquid goes right through the pile of napkins
-When the napkins are cool, put them in a sealed container and use as needed!

**Note: Don’t put the kettle on top of the napkins. I learned this the hard way. I did it many, many times with no problems (never full of water). And then….when my daughter was 6 days old (after a c-section even), the partially full kettle tipped over and gave me 2nd degree burns from my waist to knee on one leg. Yeah…that wasn’t the best day!

Wise Words – Any other moms out there an introvert like me? Found a good article that sums up some things I have found to be true on my introvert days (some days I fake it as an extrovert. 🙂 ).

Take a look here!

Encouraging Words – Have you ever heard this quote? “The days are long, but the years are short.” It’s true…all so true.

Need some encouragement today? Take a look here!

That’s all for me today! Time for some iced tea, some incredible Steeped Tea guacamole, a little work, and then rest.


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