The Luggage.

On the 21st, I embarked on an epic journey to Costa Rica with my hubby and our five-month-old. Read about our flight here. After a day of ‘hurry up and wait,’ we finally arrived in Costa Rica at midnight (our time)…a 12 hour delay.  We got off the plane, and immediately it was a cool experience – I finally got to exit a plane and descend on one of those tiny, rickety ladders you are constantly seeing in movies.  It was warm….ahhhh. We have never been able to afford a winter vacation (or really any vacation) since our honeymoon 7 years ago, so 20+ degrees in February was VERY welcome! Our sling was a life-saver as I wore our baby through the airport. It is always so hectic in airports, so it was awesome to have both hands free.

We were the only plane arriving that late at night, so it was a pretty quick pick-up-and go with the luggage. If you recall though, we had switched planes and gates in Toronto, and there seemed to be a lot of people wandering around. I had been trying to use the bathroom, but everything was very slow. I decided I may as well just help my hubby get our bags and get out of there. It was late, we were very delayed, tired (did I mention in the last post that I had only slept for about 2 hours the night before?!), and we just wanted to get to the resort, our rooms and get some food in our belly.

We were traveling with about 15 people from our group, and they were off and gone to the bus….and there we stood. I found my hubby and he is standing there with our smaller suitcase, his bag. I frantically rush around the tiny little room with about 20 others saying, “Is this it? Are you sure there are no more bags?!” No. more. bags. Instant tears. I am not usually one to cry, but after a long day, there was the straw. I had some quiet tears as I hugged our baby tight (thankfully still snug, happy and content in the sling). My bag did not arrive. My bag….with ALL my stuff and most of our baby’s stuff. I am usually quite methodical in packing – I had many, many checklists leading up to the trip, and I intended on packing an outfit for both my hubby and myself plus our swim suits in the carry-on. Enter the baby. There are just SO many things that are absolutely crucial to have when traveling with a baby, so I ditched that idea and thought, “Well, I’ve never lost my luggage before.” There’s always a first time… 🙂

I truly think that this quote can sum up a lot about day-to-day life. While my initial reaction to losing my luggage was simply trying to hold in tears, I had to come back to this. At first, my mind said to me, “You worked so hard to earn this trip, you don’t deserve this,” I had to go back to what I knew to be true, “You worked so hard to earn this trip…there’s no way this will spoil your trip!” I have always had amazing people in my life that helped reinforce this idea for me. My Grandpa was an incredible man, and he led our family with such integrity and helped raise us all up to live with faith and joy…something we try earnestly to do. I will never forget him saying something in this regard. He was speaking at a men’s breakfast about his life, and especially about his battle with cancer. He was 59, having battled with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for 6 years. Little did we know, but this men’s breakfast was just shy of two months before cancer would take his life. Needless to say, he didn’t feel his best, but was still hopeful, positive and full of integrity.  He said, at this breakfast, “You can choose to approach any situation in life in one of two ways – with despair or with hope and hilarity. Either way, you are still going to have to go through it.” I actually have his talk at the breakfast on cassette tape (yes, they still exist!), and will always be so glad for that.

Life is like a cup of tea…it’s all in how you make it.

When you make tea, the brewing time is important.brew_chart
Each type of tea requires a different length of time for brewing. It’s quite specific and it make a huge difference in whether your tea will be bitter, weak, or perfect.
In life, timing will always be important! One thing I have learned, and in many ways am still learning, is that many situations require time to allow yourself to process. Emotions are good, but often times, we allow ourselves to get caught up in emotions – selfishness, jealousy, pride, sadness, etc – and not come back to rationale thinking. I am actually reading a good book about working through emotions that you might find helpful!

When you make tea, the temperature is important.
Different teas, like a white or green tea, require a lower temperature when you make your  tea, as it can affect the leaves.
In life, situations can cause you to go one of two ways with ‘temperature’ – cold blue with sadness or a fiery hot temper. Keeping your cool, keeping your temperature ‘level’ is so important. I have certainly had troubles with this and in my pre-teens had to work through a temper. I certainly am not perfect, but when you can start to approach situations with a ‘cool/level-head,’ you will go much farther in life!

When you make tea, the ingredients are important.
I think this one is simple. Loose leaf tea with high quality ingredients will provide you an amazing cup of tea!
In life, everything you do to grow your character will help you prepare for situations to come. It’s always my hope to be a better person today than I was yesterday or last year. Never stop growing! Never stop pursuing your dreams and goals! The things you do today will impact you down the road (whether short or long term). A great quote I just found was this from someone named Irving Berlin,

“Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force.”

So, while I will certainly never be perfect, I do take what my Gr10995918_10153066609161212_3576076714461247156_nandpa said very seriously and approach life with hope and hilarity. Here are myself, my hubby and our baby at the resort in Costa Rica. In lieu of our fancy dresses, here are Claire and I all dressed up in our fancy clothes…

I mean, my shirt has bling on it and my jeans didn’t even have holes or anything! Our baby was styling in a very nice onesie with rolled-up sleeves. 🙂


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